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Sea Monkeys Expecting!

9 Jun

Here at Tank City we are very excited to announce that our friends, the Sea Monkeys are EXPECTING! Sea Monkeys can and will get prego! They carry their babies in sacs on their bottoms. I’ve enclosed a few pictures of my own, the picture of the close up IS NOT MINE, it’s just an example. Enjoy!


Sea Monkeys get new home!

8 Jun

Spring cleaning (or more like summer cleaning now) has been occupying  the minds of the Awesome Fish owners and in our awesomeness we found AN OLD SEA MONKEY TANK! This little gem was stuffed in a tupperware of old stuff in the garage. It’s pink and gorgeous and NBRFB (never before removed from box) So never the less, I did what any awesome fish owner would do and swapped the plastic kit out for the sturdy vintage verity. Ta-Dah! Now we have a permanent habitat for the little guys. !! Horay! 

Sea Monkeys!

26 May

They are getting HUGE! I believe these sea monkeys suffer from a rare disease called Giganticness! There are only five or six or so left but if there was more I’d have to put in a filter.

Sea Monkeys FIRST LOOK!

22 May

Here’s the first picture of our AMAZING Sea Monkeys! Sorry no close ups, they’re still a bit shy! Enjoy!!

Sea Monkey’s Kit Review “F”

19 May

Being a former owner of Sea Monkeys in the 80’s I was quite fascinated with the idea that you could hatch a pet at home and was eager when my Sea Monkeys kit came in the mail. (This was WAY before the internet when people still had to order things by mail and catalog.) I remember putting in the water conditionar…waiting…waiting…putting in the eggs…waiting…waiting………..w a i t i n g. Then one day behold a SPECK!

There are some distinct differences from the Sea Monkey kit of yesteryear and today. First things first I remember the Sea Monkey tank of my youth being PLASTIC. This was a hard plastic kit and nicely put together. Today’s kit is no sturdyer then a plastic cup you’d get your coffee in at Starbucks. It’s flimsey, bendable and disposeable. So much infact I’m afraid to let anyone handle it for fear that they’d squish too hard and RIP Sea Monkeys.

Also, the monkeys themselves seem bigger then they were in my youth.  I’m not sure if this is due to the fact that my patience has grown since I was 8 or they actually grow bigger faster. Either way I’d rather opt for slow growing monkeys in a better kit. I’d rate this kit a big fat “F” for the fact that it’s so cheap and flimsey and I can’t see anything living in it longer then a few weeks without transfering it to something more permanent. So if you’re planning on keeping your monkeys around for longer then a few days invest in something better to keep them in, or better yet hunt for a vintage kit on E Bay.

The Amazing World of Sea Monkeys!

19 May

In other Tank City news today the Sea Monkeys are getting HUGE. They are swimming around and I can see about twenty or so of them. They look kinda like little dots with wings. Here’s a closeup of a picture I found on an educational website. Note the fuzz around it’s feet. Ew.

The Amazing Sea Monkeys UPDATE

11 May

Sea Monkeys are visible TODAY!!

They look like tiny specs with tails and they swim funny. They were feed today with one tiny scoop of special food. More post soon!!